Hello there, uuhh, Pizza gang, Pizza fam, Pizza... I still don't know what to call you.

Welcome to the official Pizza & Doodles merch site. :D For everyone that's new here, welcome, I'm Pizza, a chill high school student who likes to draw, play games and to laugh at stupidly edited Facebook memes that aren't even funny, but I laugh at them anyway cause my sense of humor left long ago. 

Anyway, I make art which is now on clothes, but how did I start making this art? Well, it all happened one day when I decided to pick up a pencil and draw a thing on paper and then I was like wait this is fun! So I did it some more and then I took a painting class so I can learn how to do it properly. And then I learned on my own so that I can make it in a cartoon style. And then I discovered Instagram, so I put my art there and then my fam was like hey, we can also put this on clothes. And so we did that. 

Anyway, I know you guys probably didn’t take any of that in bc you have an attention span of 3 like me so TL;DR buy my merch or I'll stabby stab you in electrical and leave you for dead ok byeeee.

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